Local Government

Spooner Wisconsin Industrial LandThe City of Spooner operates under the Mayor/Council Government. Chartered on November 4, 1909, it is divided into four aldermanic districts. Orderly growth is maintained by a comprehensive code of ordinances.

About the City of Spooner

  • Seven full-time police officers and a full-time dispatcher
  • Five street crew employees
  • Five utility employees
  • Four City Hall employees
  • 2010 population of 2,682
  • 34 volunteer firefighters and 1 full time Fire Chief in the Spooner Fire District. Fire insurance is Class 5
  • Public Library with 28,995 volumes
  • Seven Public Parks
  • Excellent School System
  • Five banks, one credit union
  • Clinic
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Home

For more information on sites availabe in TID 3 & 4 please contact Bill Marx, City Administrator at (715) 635-8769 or wmarx@cityofspooner.org.