Application for Home Occupation Permit

City Hall Reservation Application

City of Spooner Comprehensive Plan – Revision date 02/02/2016

City of Spooner Official ATV Route Map

Conditional Use Permit Application

Conditional Use Permit Application – Short Term Rentals

Direct Seller’s Permit Application

Dog License Application

Driveway Permit

Element 1 – Issues & Opportunities

Fee Schedule – Revision date 11/07/2023

Excavation Permit

Fence Agreement

Land Use Permit Application – in place of building permit effective 01-2019

Operators License Application

Outdoor Park and Recreation Plan

Park Reservation Application

Amended Repeal and Recreate Chapter 30 – Floodplain Zoning – Council approved on July 3, 2012.

Sidewalk Permit Application

Sign Permit ~ For additional information regarding sign permits, please direct yourself to the Code of Ordinances. On this website, look under City Government heading – Code of Ordinances – Click on link for Spooner Code of Ordinances. Please understand by clicking the link you will be leaving the City of Spooner website.  Search Chapter 86- Zoning, Article VIII. – Signs.

Special Assessment Letter

Street Use Permit

Temporary Banner Application (WI DOT – submit to City of Spooner)

Temporary City of Spooner Banner Application (must be submitted with DOT application)

Temporary Picnic License Application

Variance Application

Ward 1, County Supervisor District 17, City of Spooner Aldermanic District 1 Boundary Map

Ward 2, County Supervisor District 16, City of Spooner Aldermanic District 1 Boundary Map

Ward 3, County Supervisor District 18, City of Spooner Aldermanic District 2 Boundary Map

Ward 4, County Supervisor District 19, City of Spooner Aldermanic District 2 Boundary Map

Zoning Map

Zoning Setbacks:

setbacks 1setbacks 2