Application for Home Occupation Permit

City Hall Reservation Application

City of Spooner Comprehensive Plan – Revision date 02/02/2016

City of Spooner Official ATV Route Map

Conditional Use Permit Application

Direct Seller’s Permit Application

Dog License Application

Driveway Permit

Element 1 – Issues & Opportunities

Fee Schedule – Revision date 04/04/2019

Excavation Permit

Fence Agreement

Land Use Permit Application – in place of building permit effective 01-2019

Operator’s License Application

Outdoor Park and Recreation Plan

Park Reservation Application

Amended Repeal and Recreate Chapter 30 – Floodplain Zoning – Council approved on July 3, 2012.

Sidewalk Permit Application

Sign Permit ~ For additional information regarding sign permits, please direct yourself to the Code of Ordinances. On this website, look under City Government heading – Code of Ordinances – Click on link for Spooner Code of Ordinances. Please understand by clicking the link you will be leaving the City of Spooner website.  Search Chapter 86- Zoning, Article VIII. – Signs.

Special Assessment Letter

Street Use Permit

Temporary Banner Application (WI DOT – submit to City of Spooner)

Temporary City of Spooner Banner Application (must be submitted with DOT application)

Temporary Picnic License Application

Variance Application

Ward Boundaries Map

Zoning Map

Zoning Setbacks:

setbacks 1setbacks 2