General Information – Valuation has grown from $12,100 (1996) to $25,659,800 (2020)

May 2001

  • Leckel Trucking purchased 1.47 acres to build a truck terminal repair facility. Construction of this 4000 square foot building began in August 2001 with occupancy in December 2001.

August 2001

  • Lampert Yards, Inc. purchased 8.0 acres to build a new retail, warehouse and manufacturing facility. Six buildings totalling 61,000 square feet were constructed for a spring of 2002 opening.

May 2002

  • Spooner Machine purchased 2.2 acres to build a new machine shop. The 12,5000 square foot building was occupied in September of 2002.

July 2002

  • Top-O-Wisconsin purchased 1.3 acres to build a new 5,184 square foot warehouse for Frito-Lay.

August 2002

  • Bio-Active Nutrients purchased 1.4 acres and built a 2,400 square foot building. The business packages and ships vitamin products.

October 2002

  • Indianhead Community Action Agency purchased 0.9 acres for a new Head Start facility.

April 2003

  • Tanglewood Properties, LLS purchased 1.9 acres to build a 2,160 square foot office for True North Engineering.
  • O’Meara & Lemke Development, LLC purchased 1.54 acres to build a 4,536 square foot office and manufacturing/storage facility to construct building wall panels.

June 2003

  • Hardware Specialties, Inc. purchased 2.83 acres to build a 20,000 square foot office/warehouse for design, shipping and receiving of hardware products.

October 2004

  • Ripley Engineering built a 1,632 square foot office building.

May 2005

  • Swan Construction builds a 1,512 square foot warehouse.
  • The City of Spooner purchased an additional 7 acres to be purchased by developers.

Fall 2005

  • Burns Best began construction of a 24,000 square foot office, warehouse and manufacturing facility. The facility will market, design and manufacture renewable fuel burning units and other products. This project is redevelopment of the former County Highway Shop area. The City acquired land from Washburn County and has removed all of the former buildings. Burns Best will occupy 4 acres leaving approximately 2 acres for other developments.         

2007 Projects

  • Solar Land Company built a 9,000 square foot office retail building adjacent to the Northern Sheer Veneer building.  The building houses a collector vehicle restoration shop and Larson Auto Center Sales & Service.  The building value is guaranteed at a minimum value of $650,000.  The project created 10 new jobs.
  • Crystal Creek, Inc. built a 13,000 square foot office, warehouse and manufacturing facility.  The building is a “green” building – very energy efficient.  The building has a value of $1,400,000.  This brought 10 jobs to Spooner.
  • BioActive Nutrients made a $60,000 addition to their existing building.

2008 Project

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts started construction in the early spring adding a 4,000 square foot auto parts and regional distribution center to the area.  The building has an estimated value of $400,000.  The new store retained 4 employees and created 2 new jobs.

2009 Projects

  • Spooner Machine built a $220,000 addition and hired 5 new employees.
  • Robert Swan Construction added a $30,000 addition to his current building.

2010 Project

  • Spooner Machine built a $230,000 addition to their current location.

2011 Project

  • City purchased additional 27 acres between Hwy 53 & Hwy 63 for future development.

2016 Projects

  • Spooner Health built a new hospital with a value of approximately $18.50 million.
  • Essentia Clinic built a new clinic on the Spooner Health Campus with an estimated value of $9 million.  They are connected by a walkway between the two buildings.  The Spooner Clinic is an outpatient department of Essentia Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Superior.