For information on Spooner Municipal Utilities, contact Gary Johnson at 715-635-8769 or If you have a billing question, please contact Penny Swan at 715-635-8769 or


Spooner Municipal Utilities provides power to the City of Spooner and the Industrial Park. Three phase power is available.

The city constructed a second substation in Spring 2012. The project was constructed to meet maximum demand and insure reliability.

  • The Utility uses a 7.2/12.47 kv system
  • Average consumption RG-1 802 kw/month
  • Peak consumption demand 6728 kw
  • 6.7 megawatts 3,101,000/month

2021 Project

  • We are currently building a 2.50 megawatts solar field with our energy supplier AEP.


Spooner Municipal Utilities provides water to the City of Spooner and adjacent Beaver Brook Sanitary District. The utility has two wells and 500,000 gallons of elevated storage. Water quality is excellent –very low in iron and manganese. The utility has begun a project to replace old mains in the system and does a major project every other year.

2022 Consumer Confidence Report available under the “Documents – Spooner Utilities” link.

Sanitary Sewer

Spooner Municipal Utilities operates an aerated pond system with groundwater discharge. The plant has a design load of .375 MGD. The plant had an actual load of .262 MGD in 2010.

The waste water treatment plant was reconstructed in 2009. It now utilizes fine bubble de fussers and more energy efficient controls.

Focus on Energy

Spooner Municipal Utilities partners with Focus On Energy to deliver real, measurable energy and financial savings for Wisconsin’s residents and businesses. There are residential and business programs.

Programs for your home ~

  • Order a free home energy efficiency pack
  • Local Retailer Discounts
  • Get a $50 smart thermostat incentive
  • Heating and cooling upgrades
  • Get a home energy assessment
  • Connect to renewable energy
  • Build a Focus on Energy certified new home

Programs for your business ~

  • Get incentives for your small business
  • Get incentives for medium sized businesses
  • Get incentives for your farm
  • Get incentives for your apartment building
  • Get renewable energy incentives for businesses
  • Get new construction design assistance

Find the right residential program that meets your home’s needs or program that matches your business at For additional information, you can call Focus on Energy at 800-762-7077. Please note, listed programs are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed; programs may be discontinued or modified.

Natural Gas

WE Energy supplies the entire community and the Industrial Park and can be reached at 1-800-242-9137.

Garbage and Recycling

Residential waste disposal is contracted with Republic Services. The City of Spooner has been using the cart system through Republic Services since 2012. There are three different sizes of carts (35 gallon, 65 gallon and 95 gallon) for the garbage service. Please contact the City if you need a different size cart. We also have an option of having two of the larger carts for additional fee. The recycling cart is only one size. We have the convenience of every other week pick up. The recycling cart has a green lid to help differentiate between the two carts. Both carts need to be put at the curb with the opening of the cart facing the road. The recycling cart is only to be used for recycling and will not be emptied if there is garbage in it. Please contact Republic Services if you need to request a special item be disposed of. The phone number for Republic Services is 1-800-542-2124 or 715-234-8076. Businesses may use the service provider of their choice. Republic Service and Waste Management are two providers for this area.

Current Year Recycling Calendar can be found under Documents – Spooner Utilities. 

Do you want to know the correct recycling procedures? Do you want more information from Republic Services? Click on the link: Recycling Information.


CenturyLink supplies the entire community and for residential service can be reached at 1-800-201-4099 & business service at 1-800-201-4102. Click on to see their latest promotions, services and customer assistance.

Mosaic Telcom now offers high speed Internet and telephone service in the Spooner area. Mosaic Telcom can be reached at 1-800-924-3405 or locally at 635-0123.


Charter Spectrum offers cable tv and other services to the City of Spooner residents. Visit their website or call 1-877-906-9121 to order new service. For support, call 1-888-438-2427.


The City is currently involved in a project which will connect Spooner Municipal facilities with fiber optic cable.


Many sources are available. The City doesn’t make recommendations and cannot list all resources available to residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

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